History: South Asia
(with Special Focus on Bangladesh)

Building a better future of conflict-prone South Asia requires that we are informed and educated about our history and the past with an objective and non-partisan approach and attitude. History can help us learn from our mistakes and transgressions, and also realize that we have so much potential to write a better history of the future of this part of the world, if we seek and emphasize our common grounds than our differences. There are also sinister tendencies in most countries to distort the history in favor of the ruling powers, parties or ideologies. If such tendencies are not exposed, challenged and prevented, this part of the world might produce and experience conflicts and tensions worse than ever before.

Subject Resources

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  • South Asia
  1. War and Secession: Pakistan, India, and the Creation of Bangladesh [Book by Richard Sisson, Leo E. Rose]
  2. Bangladesh, India and Pakistan: International Relations and Regional Tensions in South Asia [International Political Economy Series; book by Kathryn Jacques]
  • Bangladesh
  1. Brief History of Bangladesh
  2. Bangladesh: History
  3. Bangladesh: History
  • Bengal
  1. The History of Ancient Bengal [article]
  2. The Sacred and the Secular: Bengal Muslim Discourses, 1871-1977 [Book by Tazeen M. Murshid, Tazeen M. Mushid]
  • Hindu-Muslim Relationship
  1. Hindu-Muslim Relations in Bengal (Medieval Period) [Book by Jagadish Narayan Sarkar and Sir Jadunath Sarkar]
  • India
  1. India Wins Freedom [Book by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad]
  • Pakistan
  1. Pakistan: A Case Study of a Plural Society [Book by Muhammed A Quddus]
  2. Conflict, Crisis, and War in Pakistan [Book by Kalim Siddiqui]
  • Bangladesh-India
  1. The Role of India in the Emergence of Bangladesh [Book by Sucheta Ghosh]
  • India-Pakistan
  1. India and Pakistan : The First Fifty Years [Book by Selig S. Harrison, Paul H. Kreisberg, Dennis Kux (Editors)]
  • Bangladesh-Pakistan
  1. Pakistan and Bangladesh (World in View) [Book by Nicholas Nugent]
  • Communalism
  1. History and interpretation Communalism and problems of historiography in India