End Genocide [USA]

The Campaign to End Genocide is a broad-based, grassroots-oriented effort to establish both the international institutions and political will necessary to prevent and stop genocide. It is an initiative of the World Federalist Association headquartered in Washington, DC.

The Center for the Prevention of Genocide [USA]

The Center for the Prevention of Genocide was created after forty years of genocide and humanitarian scholars calling for such a center. It monitors and studies precursors of genocide present around the world. The Center is committed to using politically neutral and technical methods to confirm, anticipate and aid in the prevention of genocide. It uses on the ground resources and a network of NGO, governmental and international organizations to compile and publish evidence.

Founded in October 2000 as an affiliate charitable organization of Improve The World International, the Center is made up of more than 20 staff members and volunteers, and includes MA students of International Relations, Peace and Conflict Prevention, IT specialists, Humanitarian scholars and other specialized volunteers.

The Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies [Australia]

A leading academic and research program in Australia in the field of genocide.


FEWER is a global, multi-disciplinary coalition of NGOS and governmental agencies engaged in conflict resolution and genocide prevention. Its website contains details of numerous organisations and individuals engaged in these fields, along with many reports which can be downloaded, about both prevention theory and specific situations around the globe.

Genocide Studies Program at Yale [USA]

The Genocide Studies Program at the Yale Center for International and Area Studies conducts research, seminars and conferences on comparative, interdisciplinary, and policy issues relating to the phenomenon of genocide, and provides training to researchers from afflicted regions. The GSP is sponsored by the Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School.

Web Genocide Documentation Center [United Kingdom]

Resources on Genocide, War Crimes and Mass Killings [maintained by Dr. Stuart Stein at University of the West of England]

Genocide Research Project [USA]

The Genocide Research Project (GRP) is a collaborative effort of scholars to encourage socio-legal research on genocide and other crimes against humanity. It is jointly sponsored by the University of Memphis and the Pennsylvania State University (Altoona College).

Gendercide Watch [Canada]

Gendercide Watch seeks to confront acts of gender-selective mass killing around the world. We believe that such atrocities against ordinary men and women constitute one of humanity’s worst blights, and one of its greatest challenges in the new millennium.

Genocide Prevention Initiative [United Kingdom]

Aegis Trust runs this genocide prevention initiative that aims to promote a fundamental change in the response to genocidal situations, moving away from reactive measures to policies of prevention.

Prevent Genocide International

Prevent Genocide International, established in 1998, is a global education and action network working to prevent the crime of genocide. This site also contains works of Raphael Lemkin, the pioneer in genocide studies.

Genocide Watch [USA]

Genocide Watch is the Coordinator for the International Campaign to End Genocide, founded in the Hague, Netherlands, May 1999